Why Fount of Grace?

Our products are hand-crafted to inspire, evangelize and deepen devotion.

Unique Designs

Our exclusive designs, inspired by a deep love for our Catholic traditions, are found only at Fount of Grace. They are meant to be worn as a testament to the profound beauty of our faith, and also to reflect this beauty to those around you.

Precious Materials

We use only precious metals and genuine gemstones, ensuring the lasting value of our pieces. Our products may be crafted from Sterling Silver, 14K gold vermeil, semiprecious gemstones and stones, and exquisite enamel and antique finishes.

Made in the USA

Our products undergo a multi-step, all-American manufacturing process, guaranteeing top-notch quality and supporting local craftsmanship. By choosing Fount of Grace products, you invest in quality, local industry, and American expertise.

Individually Hand-Crafted

Artisanship is at the heart of what we do. Our dedication lies in revealing the beauty of our Catholic faith through the meticulous hand-craftsmanship of our pieces. Many of them undergo a multi-step artisanal process, resulting in something we hope you will find both unique and truly extraordinary!

EST 2010

At Fount of Grace, we believe your devotionals should be as personal and beautiful as your prayers. Our boutique shop offers a unique collection of handmade, quality rosaries and chaplets.  We are dedicated to using the highest quality gemstones, crystals and vintage replica pieces to create heirloom quality devotionals. 

Our exclusive Fount of Grace jewelry line is inspired by vintage Catholic medals. We love the idea of bringing life back to these significant works of art and design our pieces with this in mind! Our team of industry experts design, tool, cast and hand-finish each individual piece providing a unique, high-end treasure at an affordable price. We guarantee you'll find an unforgettable gift for yourself, your loved one or any special occasion.  

We look forward to serving you! 

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