How do I care for my devotional? 

Fount of Grace uses the highest quality materials including high-end designer jewelry wire, gemstones, bronze and sterling. Because our pieces are made with wire, and wire has memory, it is best when possible, to hang your rosary or necklace when not in use. We also recommend using the provided pouch for protection when transporting.  To keep your bronze and silver at its best, we recommend adding the Sunshine Cloth to your cart!


Is my devotional Blessed

No, we are not able to bless an item before selling it.  (Blessings cannot be “sold.”) To have your item blessed, simply present it to a deacon or priest and ask them to bless it.  It usually takes less than 30 seconds!


What is your return policy? 


Please see our Returns / Refunds page


Do you offer a warranty or product guarantee? 

If one of our devotionals breaks due to product malfunction, we are happy to fix it free of charge for up to one year.* Please use our Contact Us form to begin the process. *does not include shipping outside of USA.


Do you offer bundled shipping?

We ship as economically as possible.  US domestic shipping is free for purchases totaling over $70. 


Do you offer custom work? 

We offer custom name rosaries, and we can also substitute beads and other parts when selecting items already available on our website.  Additional customization is sometimes available when our schedule permits. Use our Contact Us form to request custom work.


Can you fix rosaries not purchased from Fount of Grace?

We do not currently offer this service.