Our Mission:

“Begin with the beautiful, which leads you to the good, which leads you to the truth. Beauty is the arrowhead of evangelization.”
--Bishop Robert Barron.     

At Fount of Grace our mission is to create beautiful heirloom-quality jewelry and devotionals that will inspire, evangelize and lead to a deeper devotion to the truths of our Catholic Faith. 


The Founder:

My name is Jean Mark and I am the founder of Fount of Grace. The inspiration behind our jewelry and devotional designs is a deep love for our Catholic faith and a desire to express this through exceptional, one-of-a-kind jewelry and devotionals.

Our Commitment to Quality:

Our hand-crafted rosaries and chaplets feature the highest quality materials including semi-precious gemstones, crystals, Czech beads, and cast bronze and sterling rosary centers, crucifixes and religious medals.

Our jewelry is meticulously crafted by our in-house team of design, CAD, CNC and 3D system experts.  Once cast, each piece is hand-polished to bring forth every detail!  Together, we bring years of industry experience and expertise to produce fashionable, heirloom quality Catholic jewelry.    

The Journey

I became a Catholic in my late twenties after a dream about the Blessed Mother. Growing up, our family did not practice any type of religion so this dream was very foreign but yet very real. In the dream, there was a woman with a veil who I knew to be “Mary” and some children who were paying close attention to her words. For some reason, I knew this was occurring somewhere in Europe and that the essence of Mary’s message was, “God is real. He exists.”

The dream stayed with me the entire day and I wanted desperately to know if it was a real place but this was before internet and I wasn’t sure how to find answers.  I thought perhaps I had seen it on tv or had read about it so I began searching through newspapers, magazines, TV guides, asked Christian co-workers-nothing.

The next day, I mentioned my dream in passing to my roommate. To my shock she said, “My aunt is a nun and I think she went to a place like that! I think she gave me a book about it!”  A few minutes later, she returned and handed me a book about an apparition site called Medjugorje. I knew instantly this was the place I dreamt about. As I read the book, there were a LOT of tears because I understood for the first time in my 29 years that God, the Blessed Mother—all of it was real.  

My roommate suggested I go to a Catholic Church and I think I literally ran there! They had just started an RCIA class and I was baptized and confirmed that Easter. Since that time I have experienced life through the beauty, depth and purpose that only God can place in our hearts. I am forever grateful to Our Blessed Mother for rescuing my soul and feel a special closeness to her when praying and spreading devotion to her beautiful rosary and jewelry that reflects our faith traditions.  Though I've been creating for many years, it is my passion. It never gets old because it is for love of Our Blessed Mother and God.

Our Beginnings

The Rosary has long been an important devotion in my daily prayer life; however, Fount of Grace began when our eldest daughter and her cousin announced their desire to attend World Youth Day in Madrid in 2011. World Youth Day is a “world meeting place” of young-adult Catholics, who come together approximately every two years, to pray, to share in the Church teachings, and to experience the universality of the Catholic Church. Our daughters’ desire seemed inspired, but unlikely, considering the fact that it overlapped with the first week of their senior year in high school, and that the expense added to their already costly and looming tuition bills. Onto this scene entered my sister, the eternal optimist and recent convert to the Catholic Church. In her usual can-do style, she told me, “We’re going to make rosaries as a fundraiser.  If Our Lady wants them to go, we will raise the money!” I was a bit skeptical, yet when the girls were given permission to miss their first week of school, I took that as a sign. Over the next year, we created and sold enough rosaries to fund their travel to Madrid.

This of course ignited the five younger cousins to take their rosary-making seriously. Since 2010, the girls have created hundreds of rosaries and all seven had the privilege of attending World Youth Day (Madrid 2011, Rio de Janeiro 2013, and Krakow 2016). Each has returned with a new and deeper understanding of their faith and the Catholic Church. Though the girls went off to college, our customers continued to ask for rosaries, and thus, Fount of Grace was born. We thank you for your interest in our boutique store and we look forward to working with you and providing you with an heirloom devotional which meets your heart’s desire, both now and in eternity!

May God Bless You!
In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Fount of Grace