Fount of Grace

Rosary - Blue Kyanite and Bronze St. Michael Center

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This rosary features bronze and striking blue kyanite gemstones. Kyanite draws its identity from the Greek term cyanos — or “blue”— which this beautiful gemstone certainly is!  Kyanite also has a high iridescence providing a striking contrast to the vintage bronze pieces.  Our center features St. Michael the Archangel who protects us in spiritual battle.  The crucifix is beautifully detailed on both sides. Both the center and crucifix are cast in solid bronze using the lost wax method to ensure excellence and longevity.  Bronze bead caps and Lapis stones accent the “Our Father” beads. We hope you treasure this heirloom rosary and that through your prayers it will truly be for you an abundant fount of grace. Each rosary purchased includes a descriptive write-up. An heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come!

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