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Large French Auspice Maria and Lourdes Pendant in 14k Gold Vermeil on Crystal Pearls, 33mm (Two-Sided)


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A statement piece! Hand finished 14k gold vermeil. The pendant measures 33mm (1.5") with the bail. The pendant is set between crystal gold pearls and gold vermeil accent beads and finished with a vermeil clasp. Also available in 24mm or 1" size.

We are delighted to introduce our best-selling 14K gold vermeil Auspice Maria / Lourdes pendant, a stunning necklace that combines elegance with deep spiritual significance. The heart of this pendant features the Blessed Virgin's monogram, an intertwining "A" and "M," representing the Latin phrase "Auspice Maria" – a powerful declaration that we are under the loving protection of Mary, the Mother of God.  At the top of the pendant, you'll find a delicate crown, representing Mary's revered title as the Queen of Heaven.

The reverse side of the pendant depicts Our Lady of Lourdes, captured as she appeared in the Lourdes grotto. This pendant is not just a piece of jewelry; it holds a profound spiritual meaning, a reminder of Mary's loving and protective presence in our lives. By wearing it close to your heart, you'll carry with you the symbol of Our Lady's guidance and intercession.

 Also available on a chain or, pendant only, no chain or pearls.

A Fount of Grace Exclusive. Made in the USA.

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