The Story of the Auspice Maria & Lourdes Necklace

At Fount of Grace, we consider ourselves and our work to be Auspice Maria– that is, under the protection of Mary. The Blessed Mother informs everything that we do, and was even instrumental in the genesis of Fount of Grace. As we continue to honor the Blessed Mother with our jewelry collections, we wanted to bring to life a unique medal that highlights our devotion to Her as the Lady of Lourdes, and show that we, and the wearer, are under the protection of the Blessed Mother. 

Found most notably on the official seal of the Religious of the Virgin Mary, a religious group in the Philippines, the AM symbol is an ancient Marian monogram standing for Auspice Maria. Our design is resurrected from a vintage French medal commemorating the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, and updated with a beautiful crown, representing Mary as Queen of Heaven. 

On the backside of the pendant is Mary as Our Lady of Lourdes. One of the most popular Marian devotions, Our Lady of Lourdes appeared to St. Bernadette in a grotto in Lourdes, France in 1858. During one of the eighteen apparitions, St. Bernadette was told to wash in the grotto. After digging a small hole, a spring emerged near the grotto, which has since been the site of many healings. Even to this day, millions of pilgrims flock to the grotto each year for healing, prayer, and veneration. 

While appearing as Our Lady of Lourdes, the Blessed Mother imparted a number of messages and requests. The foremost of these was God’s love for us and a call for penitence and prayer - Our Lady stressed that we must pray for the conversion of sinners and to repent of our own sins. She also emphasized that while she could not promise happiness in this world, she could promise the perfect happiness in the next. And while there may be suffering in this world, true happiness can be found through an intimate relationship with Christ. The healings that took place at Lourdes are consistent with this message - that the world can contain suffering, but through Christ and our Lady, we are healed and made whole. 

The design of our medal is truly unique. Combining one of the older Marian symbols with one of the most popular Marian devotions, this mix of old and new is cast in your choice of beautiful gold vermeil or sterling silver. It is our hope that, while wearing this medal, you’re reminded of the perfect happiness that can only be found in Heaven - and that you find yourself always auspice Maria – under the protection of Mary.