Fount of Grace

Grey Fleur-de-lis Enamel Pendant in 14k Gold Vermeil, 24mm


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Gold Vermeil and Grey Enamel - hand finished!

Large: 24mm (quarter)

Our French-inspired, Fleur-de-lis enamels are both beautiful and rich In Catholic tradition! The fleur-de-lis is said to be a regal symbol through its association with the Virgin Mary as in her title, Queen of Heaven. The lily’s pure fragrance and three petals symbolize Mary’s perfect purity, love, and conformity to God’s divine will. While the flower is most closely associated with Mary, the three petals are also said to symbolize the Holy Trinity.  We incorporated a crown above the Fleur-de-lis to represent the Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven.

Quality 14K gold vermeil and enamel pendants that will last a lifetime! Remember to have your pendant blessed and may it be for you a fount of grace!

Chains sold separately.

A Fount of Grace exclusive. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

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