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Coalition For Canceled Priests, Sterling Silver Pendant, 25mm


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Laity supporting canceled priests in their time of need.  The purchase of the new Sacred Heart pendant will help support our priests!

As many of you may know, our faithful priests like Bishop Strickland and Fr. Altman are being “canceled,” but their removal from the priesthood is just the tip of the iceberg. There are currently hundreds of holy canceled priests worldwide, and this number continues to grow daily. Thanks to the support of thousands of concerned faithful, the Coalition for Canceled Priests (CFCP) 501(c) (3), has brought solace to many canceled priests, liberating them from the bonds of isolation, abuse, financial destitution, and deep sorrow. Through the efforts of CFCP, many priests are able to once again able to celebrate the sacred sacraments and save souls, fulfilling their divine calling. 

All profits from the sale of this pendant, created by Fount of Grace, will directly support our canceled priests and help them to meet their day-to-day expenses, including rent, groceries, health insurance, legal advice, and more. Furthermore, we hope wearing this pendant demonstrates solidarity among the priests and their surrounding faithful community. Pendant profits will go to the Coalition to assist with:

  • Legal Assistance Both Canonical and Civil
  • Return to Active Ministry
  • Auto Insurance
  • Housing Assistance
  • Food Allowance
  • Health & Medical 
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Fellowship and Fraternal Support
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Other Assistance

Our CFCP pendant features the Sacred Heart with the Cross at its helm, surrounded by the Crown of Thorns. On the reverse is St. John the Baptist, our patron saint: he wandered in the desert and courageously spoke out against evil; even in the face of death, he stood firm and laid down his life for Truth. We pray daily to St. John the Baptist, asking that he intercede for the work we do, modeled on his own life’s work.

Let us stand firm in our faith and assist these courageous priests who have been unjustly canceled. Show your support by purchasing a pendant for yourself and for one of our canceled priests. For more information, please visit their website:

May God bless you abundantly for your compassionate and generous hearts.

Made in the USA by Fount of Grace for the Coalition for Canceled Priests (501(c)3. 

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